Chats & Coffee

Since the spread around of the new coronavirus Covid-19 we are meeting three times a week at 10.30 for a "virtual coffee" on skype. During these meetings, we discuss several things including specific astrophysical topics and report on the developments of individual and common research projects.

Monday June 15: Lara and Giancarlo on "29A"

Thursday June 11: Gabriele ... "where mc^2 comes from?" and "Green ... "

Wednesday July 8: Mattia Toffano on  Candidate Electromagnetic Counterpart to the Binary Black Hole Merger Gravitational Wave Event S190521g

Thursday July 16: Mery Ravasio on Bright Gamma-Ray Flares Observed in GRB 131108A   and/or   Spectral Diversities of Gamma-ray Bursts in High Energy Bands:Hints from Turbulent Cascade

... many other exciting discussions not reported here


We meet every day at 10.00 to discuss one recent arXiv posting. On volunteer base, one member presents a paper (with the aid of the whiteboard and/or projector). All should fit within 30 min ... depending on chats/discussion/questions ... :)

Monday Sept. 16: Stefano Ascenzi on "PIC" (not indolor).

Thursday Sept. 18: Mattia Toffano on "Neutrini"

Monday Sept. 23: Michele Ronchi on "Jet structure from jet-ejecta interaction"

Wednesday Sept. 25: Giancarlo Ghirlanda on "580 days of optical lightcurve of 170817"

Tuesday Oct. 1: Lara Nava on "???"

Wednesday Oct. 2: Mery Ravasio  on "Fermi and Swift Observations of GRB 190114C"

Friday Oct 4: Mattia Toffano on "???"